Visitors – Come see what we’re all about.

Walking into a new church can be baffling; no wonder many are uneasy on their first visit! Most of us at Our Savior’s have had this first-visit experience and we’ll try to make your visit a warm one.

We’re a pretty traditional church. We’ve got pews and an organ. We have lovely stained glass and our pastor and choirs wear robes. We have sacraments, communion and baptism. We sing hymns, some a few hundred years old. These things help us remember where we’ve been. They remind us of the faithfulness of God, who has reliably been showing up when we come together, through word and sacrament for a really long time.

But we’re not stuffy. There’s an openness and creativity to what we do. We deeply desire to help one another encounter the living God, who speaks into our lives now, not just then. We have fun and celebrate beauty. We welcome everyone, especially kids. We learn how to be God’s people together through song and prayer, and through sermons that help us see we are a part of God’s story, now and forever.

The only way to discover the richness of a faith community is to experience worship on Sunday. Also, visiting on more than one occasion gives a truer picture. Consider yourself invited!



Attending a church for the first time can be intimidating. Here are some common worries:

How Should I Dress?

People wear all kinds of things to church. Some folks wear suits, and that’s fine. Other people wear jeans, and that’s fine too. In a Wisconsin summer that’s always too short, people even wear shorts. Come as you are.

What if My Toddler is Noisy?

We welcome all children at our worship services, and it is not unusual to hear the cry of a baby mixed in with the sound of hymns or readings. If you feel uneasy, we do have a nursery where you can take your child and still hear the service. We are also considering offering one service per weekend where our nursery is staffed and you are free to leave your child there while you attend worship.

How About My Kids?

Your kids will enjoy fun, age-appropriate programming from age three to 5th grade, which runs between our Sunday morning services.

What About the Offering?

As our guest, we will not expect you to contribute an offering, nor do we want to pressure you into doing so. You may wish to learn more about our ministry before bringing your offerings to God through our church, but you are welcome to participate as your heart leads you to give.

Will They Make Me Stand Up and Say Something?

We can assure you, we won’t embrrass you in this or any other way. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and at home with us. Time at church should be an enjoyable and uplifting experience. We promise to do all we can so you can learn about your Savior.


We hope this page has answered any questions or concerns you might have had. Please ask us if you have any other questions. We look forward to welcoming you.