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Click on the dates below to catch up on Pastor Mode's past sermons.  (Unless otherwise noted, all sermons are by Pastor Mode.)



January 21          The Galilee Fishery

January 28         What is a Blessing?

February 12         Love is a Verb

March 1               Falling in the Dark - Marked with Ash (Ash Wednesday)

March 5               Keeping Vigil

March 8               Fleeing in the Dark (Wednesday)

March 12             For God So Loved the World

March 15             Searching in the Dark (Wednesday)

March 19             Woman at the Well

March 22             Wandering in the Dark (Wednesday)

March 26             Labels are for Jars

March 29             Turning Around in the Dark (Wednesday)

April 2                  Little Resurrection Moments

April 5                  Following in the Dark (Wednesday)

April 13                Maundy Thursday

April 14                Good Friday - Dark Road to Cross

April 15                Easter Vigil - Standing in the Light

April 16                Easter Sunday - The Dance Goes On

April 30                Back to Normal

May 7                  "Purpose Driven Life" - Purpose #1: Worship

May 14                Mother's Day; and Purpose #2: Belonging

May 21                Purpose #3: Discipleship

May 28                Purpose #4: Service

June 11               A Trinitarian Faith

June 18               Compassion

June 25               Living in a Dangerous World

August 20            Who's Hungry?

August 27           This is Not a Test!



January 2            The Church Calendar

January 24          A Little Good News

January 31          The Wise Men

February 7          Transfiguration

February 14        The Love Service

February 21        Old Testament - Abraham

February 28        Old Testamant - Moses (video included - view here)

March 27             Easter - The Importance of Symbols

April 3                  Doubting Thomas

April 17                The Good Shepard

May 8                   What's Missing?

May 22                 Top 10 Words of Wisdom

May 29                 You Can't Put God in a Box

May 29                 Memorial Day Prayer


This summer Pastor Cath answers questions from our congregation in her sermons.

 June 12                If Jesus died for our sins, why do we ask for forgiveness, and if God is

                                  forgiving, why does he judge?

June 26                What does it mean that God is in our lives? Is it just through the love of

                                   other people?

July 3                  How to live with differences in our family. In the world. How do we live with

                                  difficult people?

July 10                 How inclusive is God? How inclusive is our church? How do we

                                  welcome everyone?

July 17                 What is heaven like? What is the Kingdom of God, and is that heaven?

July 24                 How are prayers answered? How powerful is prayer? Can we change

                                  God's mind?

July 31                 How did the Bible come to be? How was it written? What is the book of

                                  Judas and why isn't it in the Bible? (Preached by Dewey Wisner)

August 7              How did some people live to be over 100 in the Bible? It says 'Jesus did

                                  many other signs.' What were they?

August 14            Who is saved? Is Jesus the only way? Will Jewish people go to heaven?

                                  (Preached by Pastor Harm)

August 28            How can we get friends and family back to church? How can I be a better

                                  evangelist without offending others?

September 4       Count the Cost

October 9            Ten Thank Yous

October 16          Youth Worship - The Art of Prayer

October 23          Live Simply, Follow Jesus

November 6         All Saint's Day

November 13       #HopePlanted

November 27       Holy Imagination

December 4         Child's Play

December 11       Returning Home From Exile

December 18       Fear Not - from Lessons and Carols Sunday

December 24       Christmas is for Children

December 25       Christmas is for Adults











September 26, 2017




809 S. Commercial St.

Neenah, WI 54956





Winter Schedule

 (Labor Day to Memorial Day)

5:00 p.m. on Saturdays

8:00 and 10:30 a.m. on Sundays



Summer Schedule (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

5:00 p.m. on Saturdays

 9:00 a.m. on Sundays



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