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Confirmation & Youth



Confirmation is nothing like it used to be! 11701122 1475911382701573_2186112966784740484_n

At OSLC we are currently using power points, clips from popular movies, popular songs,skits, games and small group experiences to look at traditional aspects

of the faith, while providing opportunities to apply the faith toeveryday life. Field trips, service projects and youth nights are also part of the program.

555732 343748645704488 698291262 nOur youth and their parents have developed a high commitment to the confirmation program and most weeks we have students’ friends visiting because it’s "fun".





Our Savior’s Lutheran Church also has an active youth program! In a world where youth are bombarded with mixed messages, we feel that it’s important for teens to have a safe place where they can be themselves, connect with their peers, and hear the message of Jesus Christ. Here are some of the opportunities we offer…

SUNDAY MORNINGS Looking for something to do on Sunday mornings?
Join us in the YOUTH ROOM from 9:15 – 10:15 to hang out and have some fun. You may even learn a little about yourself, your peers, other members of the congregation, and how we, as Christians, live our lives. We'll go out for breakfast once in awhile, have Q&A sessions with special guests, watch movies, play games and lots more. Can't make it every week? That's OKAY - just come when you can. DON'T HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON - GET UP AND BE A PART OF IT!


MONTHLY YOUTH EVENTS On the first Wednesday of the month, October – May, we have

an interactive youth event.1795543 10203034741057044 84529604 n  This always starts right after school and is open to all youth in grades 6 and up.

Each month has a theme that connects every day life with the word of God.  Some of our monthly events have included “Survivor Night”, “Food Scavenger Hunt”, “Movie Theater Outing” and so many more!  Did we mention that dinner is served at all of these events?  A great way for students to stay connected!



DSC05688What would a youth program be without a lock-in? We have an annual Lock-In during the month of March. This, no doubt, is the highlight of our monthly youth events. Our youth get a night on the town (a few hours at least) AND hours of “no-sleep fun” in the church.



Synod Youth Gatherings
Our youth attend both the Jr. High and Sr. High Youth Gatherings sponsored by our synod.


National Youth Gathering
High school youth are encouraged to attend this gathering. It takes place every three years and is held in San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta or St. Louis.


Youth Mission Trips
252192 181642025234862 6129609 nOur first YOUTH ONLY Mission Trip was in July 2008. We spent five days serving the St. Louis, MO community. Since then our youth mission program has grown.  We now offer two youth mission trips each summer - one for high schoolers and one for middle schoolers.  We've gone to Milwaukee, WI; Minot, ND; and Caldwell, OH.  Our first international trip to Guatemala  took place in June 2011.   Mission trips are an amazing opportunity for young people to see that they can make a difference in our world!

Serving in Our Community
The youth at Our Savior’s are involved in helping our local community. Each year we have a Food Scavenger Hunt to collect food for our food pantry and other organizations in the area. We’re committed to working with a local girl’s group home – providing supplies and assistance in whatever way we can. We consider “serving others” a big part of who we are.


OSLC youth lead Sunday worship three (or more) times a year. The youth take part by being readers, greeters, ushers; and help with special music, skits, and the children’s sermon.



Our youth program is funded in the church budget and by youth-led fundraising. We typically have two or three major fundraisers a year. In the fall, we have our Annual Pie Sale, and in the spring, our Theme Basket Silent Auction.



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Click here to view this year's Confirmation Schedule.

Click here for the Permission Form.  You'll need one of these for all friends as well.

Click here for the Confirmation Covenant form.


To print the memory work forms for the confirmation classes, please click on the appropriate form.


6th Grade


      *      Old Testamentimage001

      *      New Testament


7th and 8th Grades


      *      The Lord's Prayer

      *      The Apostle's Creed

      *      Holy Communion

      *      Holy Baptism

      *      The Ten Commandments

September 23, 2018




809 S. Commercial St.

Neenah, WI 54956





Winter Schedule

 (Labor Day to Memorial Day)

5:00 p.m. on Saturdays

8:00 and 10:30 a.m. on Sundays



Summer Schedule (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

5:00 p.m. on Saturdays

 9:00 a.m. on Sundays






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