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Pastor Cath Mode
be not afraid; facing fear with faith; part 1 continued Be not afraid of death
2016.06.17 04:30:00

p. 9 ..there are two kinds of healing in the church. ..."Loud Healing" and "Quiet Healing."

Back in my Youth Ministry days, I had a youth group that wanted to study healing. Several had seen late-night evangelists slaying the bad spirits and healing whole crowds of people from all sorts of ailments. some stood up out of wheel chairs; others had hearing restored. This would be "loud healing. " They were intrigued and a little disappointed that nothing like this had ever happened in our quiet healing services on the fifth weekend of each month. So we looked at several of the healing stories and at the healing service in our hymnbook and we chewed on the subject for weeks, like only teens can do. Then one night, one of the youth had an epiphany. "You know, I think I have been healed." Now he had our attention! "When my father committed suicide I was really angry at him for doing it and for leaving us. But over the years, I have forgiven him and now can remember the good times."


Yes that is a healing. It is a healing that gives life as surely does one cured from cancer. It is what Samuel Wells calls a quiet healing.


p.11 Forgiveness takes away the guilt, blame, enmity, and shame, but it doesn't immediately take away the pain, loss, hurt, and damage. something else is required....Healing is the third part of salvation, the part sandwiched between forgiveness and eternal life. Salvation means there's forgiveness. there's eternal life, and in between, filling up any space that may linger between forgiveness and everlasting life, there's healing.


Have you or someone you know experienced healing? Was it the loud kind or quiet kind? Have you participated in one of our healing service? How did you experience that time at the altar, the prayer, the opportunity to light a candle?


Wells' definition of healing may be broader that you originally understood healing to be. Basically he says after forgiveness, there still may be a mess to clean up. Healing is for that mess. Do you like this definition? Why?



2016.08.04 08:56:26

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2016.08.04 18:52:28

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2016.11.14 12:33:17

Forgiveness takes away the guilt, blame, enmity, and shame, but it doesn't immediately take away the pain, loss, hurt, and damage. something else is required.... Healing is the third part of salvation, the part sandwiched between forgiveness and eternal life. Holy bible says it all. As you know that the rushessay has always appreciated the religious talks to make people believe in their faith and humanity.
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2016.12.21 10:16:52

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2016.12.25 13:40:06

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2017.02.22 12:42:11

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2017.02.25 10:05:49

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