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Pastor Cath Mode
be not afraid; facing fear with faith: part 1 Be not afraid of death
2016.06.14 03:51:50

p. 1 If faith in God can address the subject of death, then it can be set free to speak to every other aspect of life.


p. 2 To speak of faith in the face of death means to name our worst fears and gently but purposefully bring them into conversation with our deepest convictions.


I think I was in about 5th grade when I first figured out that I was going to die. Really die.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a sick stomache, pain in my side and a very high fever. I was in bed and  somewhere between dreaming and hallucinating. I saw a heavy navy blue, wool blanket floating above my bed. It hovered over my toes then my ankles, then my core, creeping slowly toward my head. I was thinking that if that blanket covered my head I would be dead. so I screamed out "MOM, DAD I AM GOING TO DIE!" That woke them up! 


My parents quickly recognized appendicitis, rushed me to the ER and before I knew it I was waking up from surgery. "I AM GOING TO LIVE," I thought, but I had a new world view: I could have died. It could have been the end. There is an end to everything. However, now is not the end. Someday but not now"


I started thinking of life as "extra life" i.e. life after what could have been death and so everything was sort of an extra gift. But I also felt a sadness. I understand it now as anticipatory grief. There will be an end...someday. 


When did you first understand that you were going to die? Did knowing so change you in anyway? 



2016.06.15 23:24:50

I'm not sure that I've had this moment yet ... thinking.
2016.09.13 18:45:11

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Pastor Cath Mod
2016.06.16 23:59:30

I think we discover and rediscover our own mortality in various ways: a near death experience, a near life-threatening accident, death of a pet, death of a loved one, another birthday, getting a medi-care card etc. It is often a little thing that reminds us that life for us is marching on and that it is not endless.
there may be a sadness with that realization, as we see that everything is not possible, choices need to be made, there are a limited number of opportunities. However there can be a sweetness to. Knowing that there is an end to life here on earth may intensify our joy. Thinking about such things is easier when we trust that God is in our future as well as in our past and present. God will be in our ultimate future too.
2016.07.10 15:29:48

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The real faith in god and his sayings will make us stay away from the fear of death. There will be no one who had not thought about death once. But we have to realize that god has his own plans for each one of us and this will make us feel much relieved. Indian army recruitment
2017.08.29 20:02:40

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