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Pastor Cath Mode
Getting started
2016.06.03 03:50:07

Whenever we took our kids out to eat, in the car, before we went in, we reviewed expected manners. They already new the expectations but it was still helpful to remind them. 

So, with that in mind here are a few operating expectations:

  • When you post something, we ask that your username contain your last name so that what we write here is "owned" by the author. Many folks use their first initial and last name with no space after the initial.
  • Everyone's thoughts are to be respected. There will be different perspectives. I always assume that we all see in part and together we will have a bigger picture of what God is doing in this world.
  • It is okay to have doubts, questions, or to be skeptical. That is often how we grow in faith and understanding.
  • Negative Nancys and Antagonistics Arnolds will not be tolerated. 
  • As the manager of the blog, I reserve the right to remove offensive comments or irrelevant posts by spammers.



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