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Cheryl Davis
Faith Stepping - Posted July 15, 2015
2015.07.16 02:28:48

Sometimes we have a pretty good idea where we’ll be a year from now, but sometimes, we have no idea at all. Right now, my husband and I are at the “no idea at all” place. We hope that I will have received and accepted a call to a parish, but we simply don’t know if that will happen and if it does, where it will be and how it will play out.

So the poem I wrote over a year ago is helpful to us now, and perhaps it can be helpful to you, too—as individuals and as a church body. As Christians, we are anchored in the trustworthy character of the One-who-Promises. We are on a sure path—even when uncertainty is all around us.

Stepping into nowhere

My foot over the edge of a cliff

“Do not fear”

“All is well”

“I will never leave you or forsake you”

“I know the future; it is good”


Well, then


There is no cliff

There is no step into nowhere

There is only

A step of strong assurance

A step into the Promise of God


This is good news! This is our assurance as we navigate every day of our lives within the care of our good and loving Father.


Faith-stepping with you,


Vicar Cheryl Davis



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