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Cheryl Davis
Lookin' for Love... Posted July 15, 2015
2015.07.16 02:25:40

How long does it take to believe someone loves you?

Well, that depends.

On what?

On what has come before. If you’ve known loving acceptance, promises that were made and kept, respect for your privacy, comfort in your pain and celebration in your joy, you might easily believe that you’re worth loving.


But it might be harder to believe if you haven’t known acceptance, understanding, respect, comfort, or mutual joy. You might feel uncertain in relationships. You might have your guard up, misread cues, label things “love” that are destructive, and feel as if you can never get things right in relationships. You might be “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places” as the songwriter penned.


A question has plagued me concerning this for a long time, and I invite you to think about it with me. Is it difficult to receive God’s love if you’ve never been loved well or if you’ve been badly betrayed by those who claimed they loved you?


I’m not sure. Some inconclusive research has been done on this and no one can say for certain. But this one thing I know for sure: God knows how to open our hearts to God’s love. It starts in Baptism when God claims us as God’s own. The Holy Spirit actively works in us from then on, and with great wisdom, the Spirit leads us (often through the words and love of others) to a place of freedom and joy—that place where we know deep within that we are loved by Almighty God and redeemed by Jesus Christ.


This is such good news. This is the Gospel of our Lord. Thanks be to God when we feel lovable and especially when we don’t!


In God’s magnificent and all-wise love,


Vicar Cheryl Davis



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