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Cheryl Davis
Reflections and Remembering
2015.05.28 03:44:31

September 17, 2014

Joyful thoughts have been on my mind this week as I’ve reveled in the burgeoning beauty everywhere—the bright blue skies, balmy air, brilliant trees, golden corn fields and country landscapes that take my breath away.

But there have been other thoughts, too. This fall is just like the fall when my mom died.   The air smells the same, and the sun feels the same on my skin. It transports me back to those days in September 1986 when Mom fought her last battle on earth and entered into the glorious, joyful presence of God.

Mom had brain cancer and was in a coma her last few days. We sat vigil by her bedside. Her favorite hymns were playing. They unlocked our tears and turned us toward God. They reminded us that God was with us in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

For three days the wind howled. Thunder and lightning split the skies, and the rain pounded the roof. In the middle of the third night, Mom breathed her last breath and the rain stopped. The next morning the sun shone in all its brilliance. The air was clean and new. The sky was sapphire blue, and the leaves of the trees had somehow survived the storm and were resplendent in shades of gold and orange.

My three little children and I walked down to the lake. We talked about Grandma and heaven. When we sat down to eat lunch, my nine-year-old daughter said, “I wonder what Grandma’s having for lunch today.” We laughed and made some wild guesses and felt the comforting arms of God around us. Twenty-eight years later I am still warmed by this memory.

These are my thoughts this autumn. I wanted to share them with you.


Vicar Cheryl



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