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Cheryl Davis
Autumn Reflections
2014.11.08 02:12:29

Joyful thoughts have been on my mind this week as I’ve reveled in the burgeoning beauty everywhere—the bright blue skies, balmy air, brilliant trees, golden corn fields and country landscapes that take my breath away.

But there have been other thoughts, too. This fall is just like the fall when my mom died.   The air smells the same, and the sun feels the same on my skin. It transports me back to those days in September 1986 when Mom fought her last battle on earth and entered into the glorious, joyful presence of God.

Mom had brain cancer and was in a coma her last few days. We sat vigil by her bedside. Her favorite hymns were playing. They unlocked our tears and turned us toward God. They reminded us that God was with us in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

For three days the wind howled. Thunder and lightning split the skies, and the rain pounded the roof. In the middle of the third night, Mom breathed her last breath and the rain stopped. The next morning the sun shone in all its brilliance. The air was clean and new. The sky was sapphire blue, and the leaves of the trees had somehow survived the storm and were resplendent in shades of gold and orange.

My three little children and I walked down to the lake. We talked about Grandma and heaven. When we sat down to eat lunch, my nine-year-old daughter said, “I wonder what Grandma’s having for lunch today.” We laughed and made some wild guesses and felt the comforting arms of God around us. Twenty-eight years later I am still warmed by this memory.

These are my thoughts this autumn. I wanted to share them with you.


Vicar Cheryl Davis

Tags: Heaven | Valley of the Shadow of Death | death | Autumn reflections

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Cheryl Davis
It Had to be You
2014.11.08 02:07:13

I’m the crazy lady in the greeting card aisle. You know what I mean: the person who tries out every card that makes music or noise. I laugh as I reach for one card after another.   It may seem to onlookers that I have nothing better to do, but that’s absolutely untrue. I never have time to do this, but once I start, I can’t stop.


I had a great time in the card aisle in August right before our tenth wedding anniversary. The card I loved the most had a “pull me” ribbon on the right side. As I pulled the ribbon, the card stretched into an elongated tropical beach, and Frank Sinatra started to sing “It had to be you, it had to be you...”


I wanted to buy it for Horace but decided that it was too expensive; I’d tell him about it instead. But I didn’t need to tell him because the card he gave me had a “pull me” ribbon on the right side. It turned into an elongated tropical beach, and Frank Sinatra started to sing. We laughed about it for awhile and then put it on the fireplace mantel.


For days it sat there, a gentle reminder of our déjà vu. And then one morning at 7:01 when I was spending quiet time with the Lord, Frank Sinatra started up: It had to be you… He jolted me out of my reverie. I chuckled because I suspected it was God’s humorous way of reassuring me that he had chosen me to be his own.


Since then, the card sings to me almost every morning when I’m having my quiet time. It always surprises me. It always splashes the refreshing water of love over me. It always reminds me that God comes to each of us in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected moments just to remind us that he has intentionally claimed us as his very own.



Vicar Cheryl Davis



Tags: Love | Claimed by God | Chosen | Anniversary | Greeting Cards

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Cheryl Davis
There's a Place at the Table for You
2014.11.08 01:36:58

Mephibosheth (Mi -fib’- o- sheth). I loved this word as a child.  I liked how it sounded.  I liked how it felt to say it.  And because of that, I've always remembered the story about the man named Mephibosheth.


Saul, the first king of Israel, had willfully sinned against God quite early in his reign as king, and God had chosen David to succeed him. Saul’s son, Jonathan, was David’s best friend.   They made a pact between them that David would always show compassion to Jonathan’s family after David became King of Israel. After that, Jonathan and Saul were both killed in battle.


Fast forward. David is now king. One of his first acts as king is to ask if anyone is left from the House of Saul. He wants to show them compassion as he’d promised Jonathan he would. Enter Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth is Jonathan’s son. He’s lame in both feet. He could use some goodness from the king.


Mephibosheth comes before the king in fear. He bows low to the ground. David says, “Get up. I promised your father that I will always care for you and your family, and I will. You shall have land, servants to care for the land, my protection, and a place to eat at my table for the rest of your life.”


Wow! Land, protection, servants—amazing! But a place at the king’s table? That’s more than Mephibosheth could have hoped for.


This is a wonderful picture of salvation, isn’t it? We are lame, crippled by sin in the depths of our human nature. We cannot come before a holy God on our own. We do not deserve special favor. And yet, there is a Promise, and this Promise’s name is Jesus Christ. We have been baptized into the crucified and risen Christ. We have been claimed by God. Because of this, the Promise is ours. This means there’s a place at God’s table for us. This is more than we could have hoped for.


Pull up a chair. Dig into the richest of God’s food. You are an heir of the Promise, and so am I.


Grinning at you from across the table,

Vicar Cheryl Davis

Tags: David | Promise | grace | Mephibosheth | 2 Samuel 4

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