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Memorial Funds & Endowments


The Christian Action Committee oversees the various memorial funds that Our Savior's receives.

Memorials are money given to the church in honor or memory of an individual group or family. We have two types of memorial funds, Designated and Undesignated.

Endowments are another way to donate to the church. Like memorial funds, they are arranged in memory or in honor of someone. You can name any group as a memorial or endowment, or leave it undesignated and the church will decide how best to use the funds.

Designated Funds are for a named group or type of purchase and can only be used for that. Some examples of the designated funds we have are: grief/crisis care fund, homebound members fund, nursery fund , library fund, joyful noise fund, chancel choir fund, mission travel fund, Robert Melzer Sunday school fund, elevator fund, renovation fund, crossways camping fund. When things are needed by entities named in the funds, we use the money allocated to purchase the items, or help defer the costs. If you would like to arrange for a designated fund for now or in the future, please contact our bookkeeper to make arrangements. If you are an O.S.L.C. member and would like more information on obtaining funds from one of our designations, please contact the Christian Action Committee for more information.

To view and print the Designated Request form required for this request, please
click here.

Undesignated Memorials Funds. These funds are cared for just like the Designated funds, however, when given to us, the use for them wasn’t as specific. We have more flexibility in disbursing them – which also means that the fund amounts flux wildly. The funds are on a first come, first serve basis, and need to be applied for. The Christian Action committee has full responsibility on the disbursements of the funds, and proof of need is required. The funds are not used to help individual members (for this see the Help Fund), but to help various church groups or committees with their programs that may not be covered in the general budget, or to help start up a program.

To view and print the Undesignated Request form required for this request, please click here.

Endowment Funds or Estate Planning is a vital part of churches nationwide. Many churches are only able to offer some programs, like church camping, mission trips, building repairs, and worship opportunities with the help of money received through these funds.

Through estate planning, your will can provide lasting witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministries of the church that have been important to you during your life. As a life long stewardship vehicle, your will can be used to support any ministry at Our Savior’s or the ELCA.

For more information on how to make an Endowment to Our Savior’s, please contact the church office at 725-3956 or click here.

May 22, 2018




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Summer Schedule (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

5:00 p.m. on Saturdays

 9:00 a.m. on Sundays






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